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Sneak in Exercise

How to Sneak in Exercise Throughout the Day

May 16, 20232 min read


There are a lot of times in our day that we could add in some exercise. This could be any type of physical movement.

Sneak in Exercise

Exercise is the process of doing an activity that requires physical effort. Just the smallest movements can help increase body function. Exercise does not need to be hard/exhausting to obtain health results. Just moving the body for 2 minutes every hour has so many benefits to the human body.

Get your blood flowing and improve your mood by adding some of these examples in your day.

Remember you do not need to do a lot. If you are sore and need rest, take the time to rest. Just standing up and stretching after sitting for a long period of time is enough to get the blood flow pumping, improving cardiovascular health.

Use these examples as a guide. You do not need to follow them exactly, just move your body and get creative. Do what feels good for you. Everyone is different and movement will feel different for everyone. Do what works best for you and what make you feel good. Find what movements you enjoy and create a habit for yourself.

When out shopping:

  • park farther away from the store.

  • use carrying carts when available or when you don't need much from the store.

  • carry in less bags of groceries and take more trips.

When getting ready for the day:

  • While brushing teeth: march in place, wall sit, dance, squat or a combination.

  • While waiting for food to heat in the microwave: march in place, wall sit, dance, squat, push-ups, calf raises, stretching, or a combination. Get creative.

  • While folding laundry: stand or kneel.

  • While doing makeup: stand or kneel.

When at an office job:

  • use a standing desk.

  • stand up or go for a 2 minute walk every hour.

  • perform seated marches for 2 minutes every couple hours.

  • perform 8-10 reps of box squats on the chair.

  • sit at the front edge of your dest focusing on core and back strength.

  • master proper breathing techniques and core engagement while sitting or standing.

  • take the stairs when possible.

  • bike to work.

  • desk stretches (shown below).

When at a manual labour job:

  • use your work as exercise.

  • master proper breathing techniques.

  • engage the core properly during vigorous movements.

  • think of how the work is used to strengthen the body.

When on a road trip or working on the road:

  • sing and dance in the car.

  • during pit stops get out of the car and stretch/move.

When stuck in the car not driving (stop lights, waiting to get back on the road, etc.):

  • neck stretches side to side, up and down.

  • squeezing the stirring wheel for 5 reps then resting and continuing until light turns green.

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