women's fitness class

Workout with a group of women to gain confidence in the gym.

Located at Northland Fitness Duluth, MN

What's included:

Every Wednesday at 3:00 P.M.

Located at Northland Fitness in Duluth, MN.

Workout class with Brigette Williams, an exercise specialist, passionate about helping women feel their best and to find a healthy balance in their life. Workouts are focused on proper training techniques and core engagement for functional movement.


Learn new things.

Feel more confident.

Meet new women.

Gain strength, stability, and endurance

For more information contact Brigette Williams or sign up here.


I have been looking for a fitness routine that helps me juggle mom life and fitness. Brigette has definitely helped me find that.

Kate B

Out of all my years training my core, I needed something new and challenging to try. After following Brigette and reading her blog. I knew I had to get her Pelvic Floor & Core Program because I like what she's posting and I hoped the program would give me some new exercises and motivation to get my core even stronger. The program did just that.

I highly recommend this program for anyone who are beginners or just trying to get back into fitness. The professionalism and passion that went into this program is second to none!

Nick M

Location: Duluth, MN



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