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How My Health and Fitness Journey Started

May 16, 20232 min read


My health and fitness journey may not have started the way you think. I first got interested in health and fitness in high school, but looking back I did not have a healthy mind set around it.

Health and Fitness Journey

During high school and some of college I was very restrictive with food and overexercised because I thought that was the only way to stay fit and lean. Oh boy was I wrong. I was not living a happy or healthy life, restricting myself from sugary foods and exercising almost every day of the week. I was getting burnt out and I am sure my family noticed; I was crabby when I was hungry and I would get upset if my workout didn't fit into my schedule as planned.

Our lives do not always work out as planned, and this is normal. We need some guidance to help understand how to balance all aspects of our life, to create a happy and healthy relationship with all things health and fitness.

Throughout college I learned the importance of balance and how to balance my life to work for me. Emphasis on the word ME. We all need to find what works best for ourselves. I found the activities and food that I love that I can still incorporate in my healthy lifestyle. I learned the benefits of exercise, and the importance of food, to fuel my body and bring me joy.

Life is more than just being healthy. Health looks different for everyone, especially at different times in our lives. Finding that balance in your life is the key to happiness. Our lives should not be revolving around only fitness and nutrition. It should be a balance of faith, family, work, health (physical and mental), well-being, and hobbies to create a happy life.

Enjoy the little things in life and don't let stress get the best of you. Life is more than just getting through the day. It is all the little aspects that go into it and how your mind creates the day to be. Focus on the good.

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