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Workout with me + Mother's Day SALE

May 25, 20232 min read


Hi I'm Brigette, I am a personal trainer and exercise specialist. Are you looking for a new workout to try? I've got options for everyone. I also wanted to share some love with all the moms out there with a Mother's Day sale. Keep reading for the discount code (applies to every program now through the month of May).

I highly recommend my Pelvic Floor and Core Program found
here. You will learn how to properly engage your core with an 8-week workout program at the end. Pair this with a functional workout program like my 30 Strong Program found here and you've got yourself set up for some feel good workouts! Paring both will help with total body awareness and muscle activation.

If you only have 30 minutes to get a workout in the 30 Strong Program is for you. It is easy to adjust to your workout skills and level. If you need advise on that or have any questions about my programs send me a message by clicking here.

Also ladies!!!!! I have a wonderful program for any moms that are looking to rehab their core. It is a follow along program with 30+ videos of workouts. I am so proud of that program and I put a lot of work into it. Give them a try and see what you think. You can find my Postpartum Core Rehab Program by clicking here. This program was made for any woman after pregnancy, it doesn't mater how old you are or when you had children. Just 15-20 minutes a day following along with me in a video will help rehab your core and understand how to manage intra abdominal pressure.

Happy Mother's Day ladies!! Use code: MOTHERSDAY for 15% off any order!

Stay tuned for more workout programs to come. I am working on some exciting things. Just be patient with me.

Programs available:

Pelvic Floor and Core Program

30 Strong

Postpartum Core Rehab Videos

Group Training (coming soon to Duluth, MN)

LB programs

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