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Starting Living Balanced

Why I Started Living Balanced

May 17, 20234 min read


Starting Living Balanced has been a process and has taken time to create, but I am so excited and so proud of what it has become and where it is going. I’m excited to continue to grow this platform for all of you!

So let’s get into why I started this website in the first place. I have learned and grown so much through reading others’ blogs and following their stories, it inspired me to do the same. There is so much power in reaching many people in this world through the internet and it is amazing how I can do the same.

This website has taken time for me to gain confidence to share, but once I got that little push from friends and family, I was finally creating content that I felt passionate about to reach others and help them grow. Thank you to everyone who has supported me and continues to support my DREAM right now!

Living Balanced was created in the hopes of helping and encouraging others! Helping people feel strong and beautiful in their own skin, helping people live a happy and healthy life no matter what that looks like, and guiding people to live a balanced life to enjoy all the little things this world has to offer. Life is too short to stress and worry about how we look for others. Our minds are what control us and if we can change our mindset we can change our lives.

I am here to teach you tips and tricks for daily living, to find movement and workouts that you love, create recipes you can use with your family, find easy ways to implement your favorite things in life and share with you my stories in hopes it will help you or a friend someday.

Here is a little back story of mine. For many years I lived a life full of fear/guilt of food and exhaustion/burnout from exercise. I worried about the foods I ate and exercised every day to stay "healthy". I quickly learned that this is not a healthy lifestyle. A healthy lifestyle looks different for everyone but most importantly it is a balance between the foods we like/feel good eating, the workouts we enjoy/rest days, the people we spend our time with, and the work we do throughout the weeks. Our days should not revolve around stress and guilt from eating certain foods and working out to “work off our food”. Our bodies need balance between physical activity and rest. They also need balance of foods that keep us fueled and happy, whatever that may look like for you.

Remember balanced living looks different for everyone. For me it’s eating foods that make me feel good plus eating a treat every day. I also changed my workouts to 30 minutes not 1.5 hours and changing my mindset about skipping workouts when I feel exhausted from the week. I have also learned to enjoy going out to eat more often than usual because my family or friends want to go out at the last minute. I feel more free and happy with this new mindset of balance!

Living Balanced is here to help encourage and support others in each and everyone’s life mentally, physically, and emotionally. I believe I am here to help encourage you to live a happy life not just through eating healthy and staying active but through all aspects of our life such as work, family, and personal life. I created this to help encourage others in their everyday moments.

I am here to help you live your happiest life by finding your balanced living. We all need help finding our balance and what works for each of us.

It gets hard to balance work, family, your health, housework, chores, dinners, and so much more. It's a lot to go through on our own. So this is why I created this community so you don't have to do it alone.

We are in this together.

This is our new LB community that we can all support and encourage each other to live our best lives living balanced. Are you in?

If you have any questions let me know on the contact page found here or email me at

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