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15 Ways to Help Reduce Stress

May 17, 20232 min read


There are days that we might feel anxious and stressed. It happens. There are many factors to stress and many ways we can help cope with it! Our minds can play tricks on us, and our bodies can be affected by just a small amount of stress placed on it. When this happens I try to do a couple of these things to help me calm down.

  1. Take deep breaths with eyes closed for about 1 min every time anxiety creeps in.

  2. Sit outside and breathe in the fresh air.

  3. Talk to family and friends to get your mind off of things.

  4. Pray, talk to God and journal about everything.

  5. Eat a fun food or treat you've been looking forward too recently.

  6. Listen to music, what ever music feels good at the time. Sometimes sad music can help let out some emotions.

  7. Dance! Have a dance party with yourself, friends or significant other.

  8. Go for a walk/do a workout. Research shows movement helps reduce stress.

  9. Take some time off work, change up your schedule.

  10. Drive to a new area.

  11. Grocery shop by yourself and pick out your favorite foods or foods to make a new recipe.

  12. Take a shower.

  13. Stand in the grass or lay in the grass watching the trees and clouds move.

  14. Do some fun crafts. Painting , coloring or drawing. Halloween is coming so paint some pumpkins!

  15. Stay off your phone.

Take in your surroundings and feel what is around you. Ask yourself; how you feel? What are you feeling? What feels good and what doesn't feel good? Are there things you notice more about yourself while doing one of these? Do you feel more calm? What does the air feel like in my lungs?

Our minds can play trick on us, so find ways to distract yourself with activities you love.

The things in life that are bothering us are so little in this world. Focus on the good!

Take some time to laugh today! Laughter is the best medicine!


Brigette Williams

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Location: Duluth, MN