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My Post Graduation Job Search

May 17, 20235 min read


Finding jobs after I graduated was not easy. I looked for months trying to find a position open that looked right for me. I applied to jobs almost every day to get as many applications in as I could.

Duluth didn't have a lot of options that I was excited about, but I found some that I could see myself doing. I applied for some positions in physical therapy/occupational therapy clinics, the hospital, and a child health care center.

I was so excited to hear back from some of them and see what would happen in the interviews. Weeks went on, then months of waiting for a response back from some companies. I was tired of waiting. I later heard back from the hospital, which was my least favorite position to work at but I kept an open mind about it. After I heard back from the hospital I found out that I did not have all the qualifications that the position required, which I felt okay with, as it was a way for me to know that it wasn’t the right fit for me. I wanted to apply to as many positions as I could even if it seemed like I didn't have all the qualifications. An old professor of mine told me to apply even if you are missing a couple qualifications because I can always get the certifications or qualifications they are asking for in the future.

After that call and finding out that it wasn't the best fit for me I felt fine but still discouraged and confused about what job was right for me. I was confused as to why I didn't get any calls back from the positions that I was most excited about. The positions I thought were the right fit for me never got back to me. I worried I wouldn't find anything. I took a break from looking and spent a lot of my time working on my blog and getting my website all set up and ready to launch. Most days I felt good about the delay in finding a job because I knew it was for a reason. I took this time to learn and reflect on what I could fix, to better or learn from. Not every day was easy to cope with the disappointment but I found ways to trust in the process.

I spent a lot of my time, more time than I’ve ever dedicated before, to praying for answers. I learned to trust in the journey God was taking me on, and I felt way more at peace with myself and my decisions. I was so happy with my blog and I had so much time to create it the way I wanted it. This would not have been the case if I was busy with a job. I know I am very blessed with the opportunities I was given to have time to work on the mini dream of my own website.

This waiting period was not always easy and peaceful. I went to bed crying thinking I wasn't going to find the right job for me, or that it would take seemingly forever. Job applications are not easy, some applications took me 3-5 hours to complete while others took about an hour. It was not easy and I was getting tired of waiting.

One day when I was heading back to Duluth after visiting family I felt a strong desire to look on Indeed again just to see what else might have popped up over the last week. I was expecting to see the same results I've always seen. But to my surprise, I found an exercise specialist position at a chiropractic clinic. My heart dropped, I was so excited when I saw that title. I knew this was a sign from God that it was worth the wait. As soon as I got home I applied for the job since I did not want to miss out on this opportunity. The application took me about 1 hour to complete and it said the employer typically responds within 3 days. I got an email back the next day, I was so surprised as I was used to waiting at least 2 weeks for a response back.

I set up my first interview that next Monday and was asked to complete the second and third interviews as well. I was so excited because this is what I had prayed for. I was so nervous going into the interviews because I wanted this position so bad, but I reminded myself that whatever the outcome, it was for a reason. I felt at peace knowing that God’s plan is far more perfect than mine. I had such a strong feeling that this was right. Everything felt right about it; the company, the people, the time. It was all aligning perfectly. If I got any of the other positions I would have never looked for this job. I would have never had this perfect opportunity to work in my field at a wonderful clinic with wonderful people.

A few days after my third interview, which was a working interview to see if I liked the job or if it was a good fit for me, I got a call back offering me the job. I was shaking the whole time I was on the phone, I felt so blessed and excited for this new chapter in my life. I am ready for this change. God knew what was right for me, He gave me that waiting period to learn and grow with Him. I am so thankful for His perfect timing.

Just wait and see what God will do in your life. Take the hard times and moments in your life and remember they are there for a reason, to live and learn through the experiences. Find ways to make the waiting period special. We need to change our mindset to find peace in those times. God knows what He is doing. Pray and ask Him for direction. You will then see the perfect plan He has for you.

God’s timing doesn’t always align perfectly with the timeline we have envisioned for ourselves, as you can see through my life, it is better.

Everything will fall into place at the right time.

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