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New Workout Program + SALE

May 25, 20232 min read


30 Strong is my newest workout program that is a 30 day workout program with 30 minute workouts. This is a great challenge to switch up your workouts this year. Give it a try.

I aim to create affordable workout programs for individuals to learn and grow in their fitness journey. Working out should not be complicated, so I am here to take the hard work out for you in creating a fun and enjoyable workout for everyone. Now these types of workouts are not for everyone so find what you love. That being said you might need to try new things and this workout might be just the thing to try.

I created this workout program for individuals that do not have a lot of time to get a workout in with a busy schedule. I completed this program when I only had 30 minutes to workout before my work day started. It helped me stay consistent and really improved my overall strength. Just 30 minutes and you will be feeling great after each workout. This program is focused on strength and endurance helping strengthen your heart, lunges and muscles.

Workouts do not have to be long to be beneficial. Just 30 minutes a day can help improve your stamina and overall strength.

This program is a follow along PDF with picture demonstrations and examples/descriptions on how to perform the workout. Freebie workout below! ⬇️

Set a timer and get moving! Workout with me and see how it changes how you feel.

I want to help you feel your absolute best every day. These workouts are created for you to find your love for movement and help you feel good afterwards.

Use code: STRONG15 for 15% off my new 30 Strong Program. Click here for the program.

This program also pairs well with my Pelvic Floor and Core Program (use code: CORE15 for 15% off this program).

Freebie workout from my 30 Strong Workout Program!

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